I was born in Flint, Michigan with strong ties to Muskegon, Michigan and Hope, Arkansas. I am the oldest son of two maternal siblings and seven paternal siblings… in other words, my mother had 3 children and my father had 8. After graduating high school, I enlisted in the Air Force and moved to San Antonio, Texas.  After completing my basic and technical training, I married my high school sweetheart at the age of 19.  During my stent in the military I had the first of my four children at the age of 22.  I would ultimately leave the military to take my chances in civilian life and work a variety of jobs in the retail, manufacturing, corporate and public service sectors.  Eventually, I would enroll in college and obtain my Bachelor of Business Administration Degree.

As with everything in life, change is inevitable. In 2011, my wife and I of 22 years divorced, and needless to say that experience was a trying time for everyone and evoked an array of emotions and events which ultimately created new life paths for both of us. I started writing this book in 2001 and who knew, 15 years later, that this book would become a symbol of much more. At the end of day, life changes but, I’m still a father of 4 and the continued source of strength and wisdom to my children. It is my opinion that our roles as Fathers are essential in the development of our children, male and female. I believe a healthy parenting relationship is essential in creating the best people we can produce to be functional members of society. I hope this book inspires positive thoughts and actions of the reading audience. It is with great modesty and trepidation that I present many of my ideas and thoughts as a Father. I hope you enjoy the book. Peace.