by Nell Taylor



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Trees: The Taylors intro video


Nell Taylor | Author


A note from the Author

In life, we ultimately realize the importance of time and information. I’ve found that often the difference between success and failure was something as simple as a conversation from a trusted source, with a receptive listener. I came to this conclusion after reflecting on my life and the information I received that influenced me to make some of the decisions I made along the way, good or bad. Being a Father of four, I asked myself if I provided my children with enough information to overcome many of the universal obstacles they will be facing in their lifetime. As 50 percent of them, I’m certain they will have some of the same questions I had, and struggle with some of the same social issues as well. I believe ultimately everyone is in search of achieving individual success, and having a peaceful state of mind. As simple as that sounds, I know it could take a lifetime to obtain. It is my hope that these conversations will help them navigate and avoid some of the landmines and pitfalls during their life’s journey.