A Note from the Editor

Nell Taylor is a bright new author with a heart to share his wisdom with his own -- and all -- children, to help them get along better in the world. He invites you to read and share the wisdom in this book with the young people in your life. The most important things in life include family, finances, career, relationships, goals, and having inner peace throughout all of it. But how are our young people supposed to know these things? Certainly not from television, video games, or people on the street. Learning life lessons from someone who has wisdom, and heeding that wisdom, will help today's youth make it through with less pain and more ease. 

Children can't be left to just raise themselves. It's been said that it takes a village to raise a child, but in the absence of that, this book will help guide both young people and the adults who interact with them toward living a good life. 


Table of Contents

Chapter I: Family


LifestyleSet the Standard




LegacyThe result of sustained Success

Chapter II: Money

WantsDiscipline: Handle with Class and Grace

NeedsA Standard

CarsHuge Financial Responsibility

HomesCenter of your Day-to-Day Life

VisionBe Smart

CreditDon’t use too much: Never Good

BusinessSave. Save. Save.

CharityRecognizing your Blessings


Chapter III: Relationships

FriendsShould Know their Role

New BeginningsTough

SexShould be enjoyed

Communication IICome Naturally; Nice Flow

PartnerTrustworthy and Dependable

InfidelityA Bad thing that happens to Married Couples

MaturityWill Happen

MarriageThe Ultimate Test of Commitment

Single LifeMeat Market


Chapter IV: Career


Work QualityDefines You

LocationFits your Lifestyle

AppearanceFirst Impression

FulfillmentLow Stress

IllegalA means to an end


Chapter V: Goals

StandardsShows your Self-Pride

DreamsThe things that make life tolerable

Achievement- Celebrate

Stair StepThe Plan

MotivationMental Drive

ProcrastinationProlongs Results

SacrificeGive me 20 and I will give you a 100


Chapter VI: Children

TeenlandParents See Themselves

YouthTeach and Make them laugh

ResponsibilityStarts at Age One

Pier PressurePop Quizzes

Common GroundYou are part of a Team

Role ModelsFind your Own

IdentityAcknowledge your Strengths

Language and SpeechConnected to your Brain


Chapter VII: Inner Peace

ReligionAsk Questions

DeathIs Owed to All

Mental HealthDon’t Overanalyze


LifeIs what you make it

Finding Your RoleYou knew this all along

StressFind a Reliever

ReleaseTry and Stay out of Jail

SelfLook in the Mirror


Chapter VIII: Drugs

AlcoholDrink Responsibly or Else..

SmokingThe Wind Killer

HabitsToo Much Releasing


Living FoulYou weren’t raised like that

IncarcerationThe System is waiting

LawsYou’re not the First


Chapter IX: Entertainment


MusicCalms the Savage Beast

Substance AbuseWhere the Party At?

TravelI’m in your City

Rest and RelaxationPut Your Feet Up

Group ActivityPeople are just as lost as you are

LaughterNow that’s Funny


Chapter X: Time

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